Wednesday, January 4, 2017


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ACE OF BASE One Day Lyrics, singer by ACE OF BASE

I�m a sinner with a broken heart
It�s not easy but we made it (in)to an art.
Joy until the morning do us apart
Without love, without names

One day, one day of my time
That�s what it takes for you to love me
One day, one day of my time
And again and again that melody
You�re never gonna reach that part of me, oh
One day, one day of my time.

All forgotten with the break of dawn
But our story lingers on
I�m leaving with my passion full withdrawn
With your essence already gone


Maybe cos I�m a gambler.
Tired of this Bodegas
Some say I�m a rambler
Searching for my Vegas (searching for my Vegas)
One day is all I need (is all I need..)

[Chorus x2]

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