Tuesday, October 18, 2016

AB-SOUL Incomplete Freestyle

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AB-SOUL Incomplete Freestyle Lyrics, singer by AB-SOUL

Yo, yo. Truly on point naturally on task creating history everyday and my name's Ab Dash Soul motherfucker at last add a set of Jays classic as a Cadillac record played? Me never that. Act like you know. Don't get rammed shacked by the rat pack see I'm the black Humfrey Bogart puffed in black stone hella smart ass hole see this my culinary art how I cook up such food for thought clear the kitchen it's finna get hot uh master chef no account to cash your check you niggas ain't half of half of half my best uh champagne wishes some green in my swishers a Nicki Minaj with two 5 star bitches Ladies and gentlemen this is a look inside the mind of the demented and everything I said I swear I meant It listen fascinated by the tactics of a Jeffery Daumer eat your ass up a cannibal for the dollar it's tangible I'm off the top rhyming noodles that's understandable The last Samurai here to tear a guy apart tie a piece of barbed wire around his heart if he's gased up he gets bowah constricted until he farts if he talks and it don't correspond to his walk he walks the plank Captain Hook went hard Peter was gay you'll never never land a spot on our roster that way not a rasta but I smoke like a wailer they know In serving niggas tip the waiter before you leave the table God dammit just found another crack up in my halo are you comprehending am I condescending or am I kindly sending you a message kind of quickly I never get to busy to get busy simply stunning your Mrs. can't miss me engine gunning headed for the finish line but not the sneaker store I need that first place prize the blue ribbon in the ski I'm Stevie wonder getting high What you even speaking for you're iller when mute is on carry on ha-ha And I ain t gotta talk that white to bury ya'll the truth will set you free and me I'm whip and chain free Literally no car no jewelry just a brain full of buffoonery between you and me

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