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AB-SOUL Ride Slow

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AB-SOUL Ride Slow Lyrics, singer by AB-SOUL

[Intro - Ab-Soul:]
Ain't no sitting down in here my nigga
Yeah [evil laughs]
Yeah keep-say-Oh I think niggas is laughing at me
That's right make that spooky shit
Yo-y-y-yo-yo look-look
I Ride Slow

[Verse 1 - Ab-Soul:]
These rhythms of visions of me living colossal, ahead of my time
In time you'll find that I'm a fossil
Know not what I do
Lord do you have mercy on my soul? Far as I know I'm a poet or in an apostle
Smoking my dro, smell the aroma on my clothes
Rose from the dirt, so I'm down to Earth
(Oh I know)
You made a few bucks now you feel buck
Your chains gold, my shades all black
I can do this with a blindfold
This ain't rap this is find a mine in your mind blow
Your brains back out of your wave cap, I don't know Tae Bo
But I kick that, you're a Kit-Kat
Life's sweet but, way down the line you're just a snack

[Hook - Earl Sweatshirt Ab-Soul:]
It gets cold on the road to the riches
(Yeah, I Ride Slow)
The cars and the clothes is expensive
(Yo, I Ride Slow)
These hoes with they nose in my business
(Yeah, I Ride Slow)
(Yo, I Ride Slow)
These rhythms of visions of me living colossal, ahead of my time
In time you'll find that I'm a fossil
Insane in the membrane!

[Verse 2 - Ab-Soul:]
I Ride Slow, live fast, small time to big cash
Cut corners, cut loose, cut class, fuck school
Had to learn though, the harder way
Pushing pennies but see a three's a 16 in my sport
Figure deal me I'm filthy I know it's greedy out here
I told you that but I made my way through it like Moses did with his staff!
Relax, and try not to step on the crack, that'll break your mothers back
On the surface I will certainly scratch
See Mac? He made this from scratch, just imagine what we could do with a flick of the wrist
Your puppets anyway, let's say I'm playing ventriloquist
Go this a way, go that a way, I'm scatter brain with this shit
What's that a K? Put that away, no weapons formed against, me... shall pass
Remember that? I'm biblical with this shit
The tales from the Crip, on the soul of Sunday schools finna flip
Oh! (blow)
The cameras gone so bring the acid tabs along and let's all gather round and sing my fucking song!
Yo, I Ride Slow...


[Verse 3 - Danny Brown:]
I Ride Slow, sparking like exhaust, smite a pyro
A psycho, Xannys in my cup before I pour a fo'
You nacho, mean a nigga put cheese on you
Pulling up no headlights but there's red beams on you
Apostle, smoking on this dope my brain colossal
Helps out the flow to do tricks like a brothel
Roll the lace with Angel Dust and pages of the bible
Survival tactics, target practice if you lacking it get drastic
Caskets If you niggas talking ass backwards
Up shits creek with a tissue paddle, OG Kush make a nigga chest rattle
Call your number like you just won the raffle
Nigga you Snapple sweet come after me it's casualty
Turn you into vegetables as if i dropped the celery
The reality is all you niggas fictitious, smack you
With the hand of satan cause you need some sanitation
Any nigga hating we gon' turn them to a raisin
One nigga, 30 clip, turn your brain into bacon bits
And I ain't saying shit cause I'm coming from Detroit where
I'm coming up short then niggas Ride Slow, AK-ing up your porch
(I Ride Slow!)

(I-I-I Ride)
(I-I-I Ride)

[Interlude - Doeburger:]
Niggas talking about all this lean shit, nigga I been sipping this shit since... been sipping this shit
(I Ride Slow)
Silly out here...
Niggas wanna tell me about 2 cups, nigga I gave this nigga Soul his first 2 cups nigga
I gave cuz his first cup of Lean
What you niggas talking bout?
(I Ride Slow)
Cuz older than me, that's what I be talking about see? fuck it
(I Ride Slow)
(These rhythms of visions of me living colossal, ahead of my time
In time you'll find that I'm a fossil)

[Hail Mary melody]
Do you wanna ride or die?
(I Ride Slow)
What do we have here now? Run quick see
Come with me, come with me
(Inhale Mary)
Come with me, come with me
(Exhale Mary)
(I Ride Slow)

[Verse 4 - Ab-Soul:]
I heard they stopped making Actavis...
(You know when I heard that?)
While I was sipping Actavis!
Fast life, slow motion in my double cup
The screw give me drive like a flat-head, every fill up
I must be Captain Phillips
These niggas don't speak my language
Residue on my debit card, don't tell my moms
That it's a lot more than marijuana in her son
I walk on the dark side, only to shed light where they ain't no sun
Deadline Snapback on my mind, I ain't suicidal I'm just fly
My rhymes, Ciroc and Ayahuasca would you like a sip?
Enlightenment from a low life that's more than likely high
What I do with 8 zips nigga? You don't know the half
All these lines add up like a motherfucking graph
Rap as if I had 2 left feet, tryna walk a righteous path
So here's a question that I ask...
What's a negative with no plus?
A Benz with no bus?
A curse with no gift?
Who's God with no us?

[Verse 5 - Delusional Thomas:]
Delusional, murder marsupials when I puke a flow
Put my dick in witches from the Crucible
I'm hard to get a read on, that pussy shaking, Parkinson's Disease on
Pardon me I sneezed, blessing conscious as I speaks freely
Death is cold homie, breathe easy
Loaded gun in front of me
Shoot the soul right out of Soul, yeah you my homie
You do my murder

Fuck off! Maaaaaan
(I Ride Slow)
(Stop sniffing on that God-Damn bleach is what you need to do)

How dare a man talk about the potency of my pack?
I snort dope, it's mixed with Crystal Meth and gastric bypass
Satan's blood in my flesh
Nobody is high as, and These Days the iPad
Will tell you that your life will be no longer than an eyelash...
And then float away
(I Ride Slow)
So good luck!


Fuck yeah!

Yo Doeburger man

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