Tuesday, October 18, 2016

AB-SOUL Nibiru

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AB-SOUL Nibiru Lyrics, singer by AB-SOUL

They trying to tell me that aliens built the pyramids
It�s funny �cause they probably did

Fuck I�m doing talking �bout pineal glands
Fuck I�m doing talking �bout pineal glands
Ancient ways of Sumerians
Ain�t nothing wrong with a righteous man
Uh, this is my Anunnaki flow
Oh, this be my Anunnaki flow
Yo, I got that Anunnaki flow
You are now on Planet X, I�m the God, show your respect

I�m the destroyer, and this is doomsday
360,000 years since I made way
Hey, I hate to be the one to warn ya
Your government knew all along
Guess they wasn�t tryna spoil it for ya
Boy oh boy, I�m hot to death, high as my magnetic field
Theologists preach of me but they don�t think I�m really real
All my angels up in here, all my demons up in here
I know who brought you in this world
They will take you out of here
The law of relativity�s cute, I even sunk Atlantis too
NASA on some bullshit, they always cropping out my crew
(Yep) and they be loving the crew
(Yep) yea they be loving the crew
I know that you heard about me, bout me way way back in school
Mayan calendars, you went to church, we all know Revelations
You see Porsches
Behold of pale horses galloping �cross the nation
Watch out for them Seven Seals, I�ll be in the sky
The Euphrates River�s dry so you know it�s real


No man knoweth the hour of my return
It�ll be like a thief in the night, make sure your people's alright
That�s right, the writing's on the wall
They was only worried about Sodom �cause they ain�t have the balls to go against the gods
The only brown dwarf swaggin�
Cross yo sun just like a dragon
The Japanese know what�s happening
They was debating �bout Kobe and LeBron
The Bible or the Qur�an, they should�ve been taking cover
They said I�m red but gold is my favorite color
Witnesses agreed, they see me with wings when I hover
Might even make your pole shift when I�m skipping through
My orbit is a bitch on her menstrual
They underminded the prophecy of Daniel
That�s a bummer, now I�m at your doorstep but not for sugar
This that anunnaki flow, Enki and Enlil would love it
Serious as the war in Syria, bitch [?]


Global warming's a lie, the moon is a satellite
Holographic universe we enter to the light

Back in the 1950's - most people weren't aware of it - but there was a scientific storm in America all through the late '50's -
about this thing out there in space - it's because the astronomers were all watching it,
and that was back when they weren't afraid to talk about it...

Ayo, just in case I get killed for this shit
You got your heads up
Make sure you tell 'em JMSN ain't have nothing to do with this shit
God bless y'all
Killuminati...all through my body
Blows like a 12-gauge shotty

I told Punch I�d probably get assassinated by the government
He probably think I�m sniffin' cocaine and some other shit

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